Tuesday, 30 March 2010

NOTD: sublime/ridiculous

From the sublime, the perfect deep cherry red for WOC, Bourjois So Laque in Rouge Diva, a gorgeous deep red creme with a jelly-like consistency that makes it really shine:

to the ridiculous, the colour I'm wearing on my toes - GOSH Wild Violet with one coat of OPI Mad As A Hatter on top (this is actually a cropped picture of my nail, I'm not going to show you my horrible winter feet!):

I quite like wearing very bright and silly polish on my toes, stuff I'd never wear on my fingers, and particularly when I'm wearing something quite grownup on my fingers.


  1. Haha your toe nail varnish is cuuuute! My feet are in such an awful state as well. I dread to think what I am going to do in summer. Btw thanks for the shampoo rec. Where do you get it from? I don't think I have seen that brand in Boots etc? x

  2. both of the polishes are lovely! I have to give u kudos on being so good about changing ur nail color so well.
    My toes are pretty disgusting right now... ahh sad... its almost time to wear sandals!!

  3. Thanks all, I really love the Bourjois colour.

    RLG: you can find it at Waitrose but not at Boots or Superdrug (Waitrose are v good at stocking SLS-free lines). Will be trying it tomorrow!