Thursday, 16 December 2010

MAC India .5 foundation shades coming to a counter near you!

Well, if you aren't lucky enough to live in India and already have them at a counter near you, that is!

What am I wittering about? Mac do some .5 shades in foundation, but they're only available in India. I am very excited about this collaboration and collection by MAC and Mickey Contractor. Particularly as MAC foundation and concealer shades never look quite right on me and I've been wanting to try the .5 ones I've read about for ages.

The colours in the collection also sound fantastic. Much more excited about this than the yawnsville Tartan Tale! Oomph shadow sounds amazing as do the teal and green Fluidlines.

Thursday, 2 December 2010

A Geek Until I Die

That I shall be.

I was ridiculously pleased by this interview with David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, being a diehard X-Phile who went to see the first film four times in a row, and who joined the Leicester Square Odeon audience of X Philes in clapping at the end of the second one (there was a disproportionate number of pairs of glasses, long leather coats and black clothing at that, funnily enough - and I felt right at home!) I'm currently working through the series from start (on series 5 at the moment, my favourite) simply so that I can re-watch the two films in proper sequence. But the interview, they just seem like such good friends, and that warms the cockles of an X-Phile no end (because said X Phile still refuses to acknowlege the distinction between the characters and actors). As does their enthusiasm for a third film! (please, please, please!)

You may mock, but it really was a formative TV event for me during my teens (and erm, beyond). The postmodern-lite (well, I now recognise it was lite) vision of Chris Carter captivated a pretentious Heart of Darkness-reading teen Rabbit. Anyway, its impact is evident in a TV and film legacy that was spawned of smart, philosophically-minded, epic science fiction/fantasy/crime crossovers. (There'd certainly have been no Lost without The X Files). And not to mention one of the best Simpsons spoofs ever.
I'm a massive Whedonite too, (and have just finished watching all seven series of Buffy again) but that's rather painful to be right now, with a Big Bad of epic proportions looming for the Buffyverse. (It's like another language. Great, isn't it?)

What TV series were you obsessed with as a teen?