Thursday, 11 March 2010

NOTD: Particuliere alternative for women of colour

From one end of the nail spectrum to the other! Today I'm wearing OPI's Over The Taupe.

Now, I really really wanted Chanel's Particuliere when it came out. But as with all my purchases I researched and researched it, and after checking out swatches and reviews from other women of colour, I got the impression that it wasn't very flattering on darker skintones. It's a very cool shade (in both senses of the word) and whilst the tone works on paler skintones, I don't think it has the same impact on darker skin. I can't quite explain it but it doesn't quite "sit" right.

The same goes for some of the Particuliere dupes out there - Essie Mink Muffs in particular (geddit!) I began thinking taupe wasn't for me. But one greige polish that got positive reviews from WOC was OPI's Over The Taupe. Funnily the I've read many reviews on OTT that are lukewarm - many think it's a boring, flat shade and argue it is too brown. But the brown in it is just what makes it very wearable for WOC - that and the distinct purple tone to it.

Very usefully, blogger Stephscloset has provided a comparison of Particuliere vs. OTT. As you can see there's not much in it, OTT is just a bit pinkier/purplier:

If you have yellow-toned or darker toned skin and are still hankering after Particuliere, I thoroughly recommend OTT as an alternative - which might even suit better. I'm loving my muted taupe nails!


  1. I might just have to get this color!
    It looks great on your skin... which means it should look similar on mine!! :)

  2. Love that colour, might try to track some down for myself. :D