Thursday, 17 June 2010


The site I've been working on for months is finally live, for the project I work on. I came with the street art theme, the images and the content; the design based on my ideas was by IT at the University of Kent. I think it looks awesome!

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

NOTD: Sleek Lilac (and comparison with MAC's Love & Friendship)

I was excited by the prospect of the new limited edition Sleek nail colours - all cremes, all brights, all lovely-looking shades. Having just bought Models Own Slate Green I passed on the turquoise but bought the Lilac shade - I was curious as to whether this would be a dupe for MAC's Love and Friendship from Rose Romance last year, which was also limited edition, and which is one of my favourite pastel shades. It's as close to baby pink as I'll get!

Now, I wouldn't say it's a dupe because it lacks a bit of the depth and warmth of L&F, a bit of the complexity which keeps it grown up. It's brighter and less dusty (I love me a dusty polish!) But it's still very nice colour-wise:

MAC Love & Friendship:

Application-wise, it's streaky and gloopy and a bit difficult. It's also weird in that it doesn't chip as such, but kinda rubs away. I've got little holes and see-through bits in the centre of my nails. I left it at one coat as I thought I'd change up a couple of days later and didn't have the drying time. It's okay with one, but would've looked better with two coats.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Ups and downs (and mehs!)

Time for some more ups and downs!



When I was doing my PhD I was quite active because my schedule was flexible, but since finishing my routine's changed and I wasn't getting enough exercise regularly. I joined the gym last month and though it's smelly and in a basement I'm really feeling better about myself and love the endorphins!


Tried a couple of new recipes with Bartimaeus recently and am getting more creative again. It's a real pleasure for me, especially baking and watching people enjoy the results!


Going to Glasgow next week for a mini-break with Bartimaeus! I am so excited about this: it's supposed to be a really cool city, I'm looking forward to visiting the art school, and I'm seeing a good friend I haven't seen since March last year. Plus I love staying in hotels and eating hotel breakfasts!


My project website should fiiiinally be going live tomorrow. I can't wait for everyone to see it, it looks amazing! If I say so myself...


Just the right side of manic; currently making me super-organised and productive. Fingers crossed it lasts a while!


Two weeks on Friday to my party, very much looking forward to spending it with my dear dear friends, and seeing a friend I haven't seen in years!


World Cup, so far

As Bartimaeus points out astutely (link:, it's been a dull tournament so far and I'm just not into it yet. Plus it's causing havoc to my birthday plans. I mean, HOW inconsiderate!


I wish it'd hurry up and warm up already! I've been wearing a lot of leggings+ dress outfits as bare legs get too cold and tights too warm, but I don't feel as "me" in them as I do in a pretty sundress and Birkies.


None today really! I guess my busyness meaning I don't get to hang out with my sister this week, which is a bit of a drag, but it can't be helped and there will be other times.

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Monday, 14 June 2010

FOTD: Cherry Orchard (with matching nails!)

Carrying on the nails-matching-Undercurrent theme, when the double glitter teal mani was just starting to wear out I wore a FOTD featuring my favourite eyeliner. I decided to pair it with berry lips this time - MAC "O" which is an awesome lipstick on pretty much anyone, with a coat of cherry Clarins gloss on top (their glosses are beautiful, I wish they brought out more colours. This has exactly the same taste as those round cherry lollipops we used to get as kids. It's yummy!)

See how well they match!

What I wore:

MAC Moisturecover Select concealer

MAC Paint in Bamboom
MAC Pearlglide in Undercurrent
YSL Faux Cils mascara

MAC MSF in Dark
MAC Breezy blush
MAC Brow in Spiked

MAC "O" lipstick
with Clarins Gloss Appeal in Grape on top

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Recent baking and cooking exploits

Made last Sunday, all within the space of 2.5 hours. I was impressed with myself, I must admit.

Cherry Pie:

We had a box of disappointing Spanish cherries so I decided to make them into pie. Rubbish fruit always = pie in Naz Cooking Maths. However, the recipe I used wasn't great, and didn't include any liquid so the fruit didn't get the lovely sticky sauce that usually comes with a cherry pie. But it was nice nevertheless.

Courgette and Cheese Muffins:

I made these after my sister told me about Hugh Fearnley Whittingsall's recipe in the Guardian. I liked the sound of these, but in reality they're not as tasty as I thought. It might have been because I didn't have parmesan and used a medium cheddar, though - I think it calls for a strong flavoured cheese. But Bartimaeus loved them, so go figure. They do go well with soup or salads.

and banana bread (you don't really need a picture of it, it's not the prettiest stuff in the world! and it got munched before I could take a picture). I make a couple of adjustments to Nigella's recipe: I take out the boozy sultanas as my mum doesn't drink and I think they'd just make it oversweet, and I add more walnuts and salted butter. I also cut out 50g of the sugar. Upping salt and decreasing sugar tends to make cakes more moreish I find! I usually make them in cupcake cases - they don't rise like cupcakes but they're much easier to eat and transport, and only take about 15 minutes to bake.

Inspired by the World Cup Come Dine With Me, I made Baked Eggs Florentine yesterday, which was made by someone called Neil "Razor" Ruddock this week! I never thought I'd be doing recipes inspired by footballers, but it did look lovely. Traditionally, it's made with poached eggs and hollandaise but I don't like either. I sauteed the spinach with a clove of garlic first and then cracked eggs on top, baked in a water bath for 10 minutes and then topped with cheese sauce and cheese. I served with crusty bread and it was lovely! There's something about baking eggs that really brings out their flavour.

Tonight, I'm doing Carlton Palmer's crab pot recipe! It was a special request from Bartimaeus, who loves the stuff. TWO recipes from footballers! Wonders will never cease. I have to say I was way more impressed with their efforts than the dull offerings of the WAGS in the previous episode!

Wednesday, 2 June 2010

"Undercurrent" NOTD and teal eyeliner comparison swatches

I think this is my first swatch post! But my nails today look so much like MAC's Undercurrent Pearlglide from Art Supplies that I had to show you a comparison. I LOVE green and teal linera, they make brown eyes pop and are so much more interesting than brown or navy. And Undercurrent is my very favourite for the way it sparkles and glows with a golden iridescence. Why did I not back this baby up?

Anyway when I put American Apparel's Peacock on two days ago I was umming and ahhing over whether to put GOSH Magic Star or Models Own Emerald City glitter on top. I opted for the iridescent GOSH but kept wondering what the Models Own one would look over a deep teal base. So yesterday I added a coat of Emerald City to my already glittery nails. The result is not subtle! At night it almost hurts your eyes, it's so sparkly. But I like the iridescent glitter under the blue-green, it gives it a depth which makes me think of twinkling tropical lagoons. And MAC Undercurrent!

So here are three green liners I own. They're all slight different, and you can see how Undercurrent stands out. However, I love the GOSH one too, for a deeper green look. I've not tried the No. 7 one on my eyes yet but it was buttery-smooth on my hand.

From left to right: No. 7 Green, MAC Undercurrent, GOSH Woody Green.