Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Hair inspiration: a timeline


  1. I wish I could pull of the bangs, but it usually doesn't work with curls :(

    P.S. I love She and Him. Their new album is all the rage these days.

    Smile with Passport Smiles

  2. Oooooh man you don't know how bad I want Jameela's hair but I just KNOW I can't pull it off. Maybe we should both take the plunge and just do it? But I remember having that fringe and thinking whoah my nose looks biiiig.

    Anywho. Aw thanks for liking the outfits. Some old asian crazy dude tutted at me on the tube today. I hope he really was crazy! Re the asian outfit, I have no nice asian clothes at the moment. I just wore a simple black trouser kameez. The kameezs are reeeallly long these days. I can't keep up with all these bloody trends! x

  3. ohh.i love that 5th picture hair..:O

  4. Heck yes to the second look.