Sunday, 28 March 2010

a list of things I'd like

Lots of links!
  • the Glee soundtrack - I'm waiting for the show to go on hiatus next week, when I'll be lost and pouting for its return
  • OPI Pamplona Purple, after my gorgeous friend Naima sent me a pic of her mani from NY!
  • pretty much the entire Art Supplies pencil collection from MAC (so relieved I have built up some vouchers for this!): particulalrly Greengrease, Slick Black, Dirty, Below Ground, Black Line and Undercurrent!
  • Misa Dirty Sexy Money, a murky sea green polish, as I want to up my non-purple shades
  • Also China Glaze Emerald Sparkle (even though Bartimaeus is DEFINITELY going to call me Grotbags when I wear it!)
  • and China Glaze Atlantis
  • and Poshe topcoat because I think Seche Vite is ruining my nails
  • OPI Nail Envy to sort this out
  • a bando style hairband with a cream lace corsage - the way I'll be doing the Chanel monochrome look this season on the cheap
  • a roomy but not huge leather cross-body bag (one I can put a book in!), have been considering a Cambridge Satchel Company satchel in red
  • some pretty new dresses with quirky prints - nearly tempted by this dress with hot air balloons on it but it's blue which doesn't suit me 
  • to reread A Suitable Boy after Vikram Seth's wonderful talk and news there's to be a sequel, A Suitable Girl(!)
  • quality time with friends and family
  • some luck for my beloved and brilliant Bartimaeus
What's on your list?


    1. Some lovely nails polishes! What makes you think Seche Vite is ruining your nails?

    2. Becky I read on some girl's blog that Seche Vite was making her nails flake and I realised mine have been flaking a LOT too. Then I read it uses formaldehyde and bad stuff that OPI and China Glaze have taken out of their polishes. It's also gone mega-gloopy so I figure it's time for a change.

    3. Oh I love that headband!!! :) And Of course the nail polish :D

      I gave you an award, check my blog for more details!