Monday, 31 May 2010

NOTD: Starry, Stormy Skies

Today's NOTD uses a polish that has travelled all the way from the US of A, a gift from one of my best friends, Naima. In fact, "best friends" doesn't really cover it; her dad and my dad were best friends from childhood and we've grown up together. She's my older, way-cooler sister whom I've adored since I was little.

Knowing me as she does, on her recent travels to NYC, she got me a nail polish from American Apparel called Peacock, a blue-teal creme shade. Anyone who's read a while back on my blog knows how much I love a) peacocks and b) teal. But this is different to No. 7's Totally Teal: it's a brighter, bluer shade and, unlike No. 7, a dream to apply. I've done a two-coater, but if I'd been paying attention when applying the first I could've got away with one. (Calling out to another of my beloved friends, who was complaining recently about the quality of the No. 7 polish; Sara: along with Models Own Slate Green, YOU NEED THIS IN YOUR LIFE). The colour is in fact the exact same colour as my school uniform (I hated my school for picking a really unusual shade so that if you bought your uniform from M&S in royal blue you properly stood out as the poor kid at the private school... but apart from that it's a lovely colour!)

So here it is in all its glory:

Me being me, I had to add some glitter. With GOSH Magic Star on top, this colour really resembles a starry, stormy sky at late dusk. Coo.

Thank you, my lovely!


  1. Ooh very beautiful! I love the glittery topcoat :)

  2. i love the way you haved customised with the glitter x

  3. I am very honoured to have featured in your NOTD post ( having only just read this entry) and am pleased to see how lovely it looks on your nails - and as for being way cooler than you I beg to differ, I am always in complete admiration of your wardrobe and your make up tips too xx