Saturday, 29 May 2010

20 Nail Questions Tag

I saw this on Mocha Mish Mash's blog and had to complete it! If you do it, please let me know in the comments, I'm so nosy about other people's polishes!

Nail polish stash:

How many polishes do you have in your stash? 40 or so
Which brand do you own the most of? OPI
What colors do you own the most of? Purples
Do you have a color/texture you don't own? Lots, but not many glitters (want more), and oranges or yellows (for a reason)
What's the one polish that can lift up your spirits? OPI Mad As A Hatter
What polish do you keep looking at and wondering why haven't I gotten rid of it? OPI Monsooner Than Later. Too, too bright for me.
Franken me? or I'm nervous to try it? I tried it years ago before it had a name (I was curious as to what might happen). But I love all of my current polishes and wouldn't want to sacrifice any!
Do you franken for new/original polish ideas or franken for polish you won't be able to own? Neither
Go-to-basecoat? I've not got one yet, working through options.
Go-to-topcoat? Same - am going to try Poshe next.
What's your sexiest polish? I think it is something vampy like Baby Goth Girl, or my true red, Bourjois Rouge Diva.

Nail Design:

Stamping vs Free Hand? Neither, I'm a nail purist.
Bling me, baby? or No bling for me, please! No bling, thanks.
I consider my nails basically nekkid if they don't have some kind of design? No
My favorite plate/tool/technique? Layering glitters over cremes.
What I haven't tried and want to within a month? Nothing.


The one elusive polish you want and can't seem to get? Essie Ruby Slippers, and so many colours by Sephora by OPI, particularly Metro Chic.
What was the last nail related thing you bought? The new Sleek Lilac polish.
How much nail related hauls have you bought in the last seven days? No hauls, just one polish.
If you've ever been on a no-buy, how long did it last? Is that what you planned? Nail polish is one that that's not usually a no-buy for me, but I've started to curb my purchases because my nail polish box is almost full!
Hobby? Addiction? Compulsion? Passing Fancy? Love? Not obsessed enough to be an addiction, but bordering on one!
What's the next polish you plan to purchase? OPI Pamplona Purple, Jade is the New Black and Models Own Purple Haze. And Poshe topcoat.

And 21, a question I've dreamt of being asked!:

If you could make your own nail polish collection what would you base it off of or what would be the inspiration be? What types of colors/ finishes would be in it?

It would be a peacock or petrol theme - dark, rich jewel shades in super glossy cremes: purple, plum, teal, forest green, navy, a couple of petrol-like duochromes, and co-ordinating deep coloured glitters that could be put on top. Now, doesn't that sound pretty?

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