Friday, 7 May 2010

The miracle of technology

In blogger-land we all love our technology, our uber-fast, high-spec laptops, our super-sharp gazillion-megapixel cameras. But while we're connecting virtually with readers and followers we've not met, we can forget that technology can bring real people together.

I'm feeling all sentimental today, because technology has finally come to my family in Bangladesh. My cousin (he's really a brother to me) has got himself a computer, internet connection and a webcam and I finally got to see him after three years. My mum got to see her brother after four. We saw their new flat, they came for a "walk" with me around our house. It was a magical, magical thing.

My uncle said that when my mum got engaged to my UK-based dad, he was devastated at the prospect of her moving thousands of miles away. A young boy, he desperately dreamt and wished of a way he could just see her from time to time. Thirty years later, that's actually come to be.


  1. I love this post. I know I certainly take technology for granted. I'm so pleased to hear it's brought your family closer to you.

    Re: your comment on my blog - my username is bibbitybob (I'm so predictable!!) and it's listed now :) xx

  2. i really recommend "i for india":
    as a great piece on indian family life across continents and appropriation of new technologies. i warn you though, i cried maybe 3 times during the film. it's an excellent documentary xx

  3. awe such a sweet post x the simple things now possible thanks to technology x