Wednesday, 2 June 2010

"Undercurrent" NOTD and teal eyeliner comparison swatches

I think this is my first swatch post! But my nails today look so much like MAC's Undercurrent Pearlglide from Art Supplies that I had to show you a comparison. I LOVE green and teal linera, they make brown eyes pop and are so much more interesting than brown or navy. And Undercurrent is my very favourite for the way it sparkles and glows with a golden iridescence. Why did I not back this baby up?

Anyway when I put American Apparel's Peacock on two days ago I was umming and ahhing over whether to put GOSH Magic Star or Models Own Emerald City glitter on top. I opted for the iridescent GOSH but kept wondering what the Models Own one would look over a deep teal base. So yesterday I added a coat of Emerald City to my already glittery nails. The result is not subtle! At night it almost hurts your eyes, it's so sparkly. But I like the iridescent glitter under the blue-green, it gives it a depth which makes me think of twinkling tropical lagoons. And MAC Undercurrent!

So here are three green liners I own. They're all slight different, and you can see how Undercurrent stands out. However, I love the GOSH one too, for a deeper green look. I've not tried the No. 7 one on my eyes yet but it was buttery-smooth on my hand.

From left to right: No. 7 Green, MAC Undercurrent, GOSH Woody Green.


  1. Actually really like your nails and really love the look of Mac Undercurrent. Such a pretty colour.

    Fee x

  2. Oh wow your nails are amazing! I think the no 7 liner is the prettiest colour personally.

  3. Ooh it looks just fabulous! You're so creative. Have you thought about a few Botox injections in those hands of yours though? They look a little like Mum-ra's. No offence though love.

  4. People I have a spammer! My hands are younger looking than yours, love. And also, younger. No offence either!

  5. gorgeous colour I love teal and there is nothing wrong with your hand my lovely x

  6. Those nails are freaking hot!

    And I heart teal liner! I think it compliments us darker skin toned girls beautifully! and IMO it brings out the brown tones in our eyes. xx