Saturday, 1 May 2010

Pearl Lowe for Peacocks, May 13th

 Picture from Cosmopolitan

Though it was girlie, sweet and retro-inspired, Pearl Lowe's Christmas collection for Peacocks just didn't appeal. There was a lot of red and gold in cheap polyester lace and satin, which looked, well, cheap. I'm feeling this collection much more, particularly the rose print dress, the above green dress with lace hem, and the black/red polka dot dress. The cream dress is also lovely but not for me!

In general, Peacocks has been offering some cuteness of late - saw this lovely heart print navy sundress on the site which has now promptly disappeared! Just as well navy doesn't suit me!

The collection is out on May 13th, I think, but some articles are saying 16th. Hope it's less of a disappointment than the H&M Garden Collection!


  1. Oohhh i saw this in a magazine, you are so right i love it all, i think i'll need to go to a store to try it on though, might need to be size up. I'm halfway through The Glass Palace by the way and loving it so far xx

  2. Some nice bits, but quite pricey for Peacocks! What's your twitter name hun? x

  3. I do love that green dress xx