Saturday, 16 January 2010

Like, totally teal.

These are my nails at the moment - No. 7 Totally Teal which I totally love! I haven't seen another shade quite like this murky teal creme. I'm not really keen on "novelty" nail colours - most of the bright and pastel shades doing the rounds at the moment clash horribly with my skintone (incidentally, there are no way near enough nail swatches for women of colour by women of colour! A nude polish for a fair skinned gal sure as hell ain't gonna be a nude for me! For me, that's OPI Tickle My France-y). Excuse the application - I wasn't really concentrating as I was watching Come Dine With Me at the time...

This was my makeup yesterday too - a bit matchy-matchy with the nails, but it was worn with a light green/aqua floral dress so I think it worked nicely to bring the colours together.

MAC Moisturecover Select concealer
Urban Decay Primer Potion

MAC Pigment in Teal (this is the Teal found in the 2008 Little Darlings Cool set which is a different colour to the regular pigment! it's a more powdery blue shade compared to the true teal of the regular one) over lid and bottom lashline
GOSH Let's Twist Eyeliner in Blue Grass
MAC Paint Pot in Delft as eyeliner on lashline and waterline over the GOSH liner
MAC Vanilla pigment in inner corner of eyes as highlighter and on browbone
YSL Faux Cils mascara

MAC MSF in Dark
MAC Breezy blush

Clinique Glosswear for Lips in Mystic (this has been discontinued and although it looks berry above it is actually a lavendery purple)

Close-up of eye makeup (but not green in real life!)


  1. Really love that colour, I must investigate it myself. And love the eyes!!

  2. I bought that nail polish on Thursday, it called out to me from the No7 stand!

  3. Oh that's a gorgeous colour - love it.x

  4. Fab colour and your eye make up is gorgeous as ever. You are such a pretty lady xxx

  5. LOVE your eye makeup! I have the delft paintpot as well! The nail varnish looks great on you. I bought a rather sickly shade of green a couple of years ago that got a few laughs from my sister. I thought I was really cool.

  6. i am sitting in hollywood, eating pretzels with my (albeit chipped) totally teal nails! love this colour - bordering on addicted!! xx

  7. beautiful; love the polish! you have so mad makeup applying skills too girl!
    and gorgeouss blogg- will definitely be back again visiting soonn!

  8. Ur eye makeup is so gorg! That green is a hard color to pull off, but you look great!
    Following ur blog! Hope you will follow mine!