Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Ups and Downs

It's been a while, apologies for not posting of late. A combination of busyness on the work front, tiredness, bloggers' block and losing my camera charging lead means I've been AWOL for ages. To give some context here are my ups and downs:


Couple of days off, hanging with my sister, beginning this afternoon. Could not have come at a better time.

Conference papers: one done, one written, two to go.

Research project website, almost ready to launch! It looks great - and since I had a lot of input into its design, and am filling it with content, I feel rather proud.

Bright nails: a late convert to pastels and greens/turquoises. Just wish I could find my camera lead so I could show you all!

Summer clothes: just when I was getting bored of my winter wardrobe, it warms up! Cooler today, but still, no UGGs or knittd dresses!

Bartimaeus: super-proud of his brilliance, resilience and creativity.

Twitter: getting into it now! I'm nazneen372 if you want to read my random observations.

50+ followers! Hooray! I may plan a giveaway soon to celebrate (in June, see below for why).

My birthday: a month and a bit away. Still looking for a dress and deciding on a date for my party (my actual birthday is mid-week this year) - an annoying thing called The World Cup is scuppering plans! But am looking forward to it :)


Travelling: early starts this week and last are taking their toll, because I always sleep terribly when I have to get up early.

Battery chargers in bits: why? So much easier to lose...

Expensive month: conference registrations and travel, plus emergency tax. Boo.

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  1. Hello my lovely. Good to see you having so many ups. Thank for the link the ts dress, its sooo cute, sold out in a 14 online but i'm going to Leeds this week so hopefully they'll have instore. Have fun with your sister xx

  2. glad the 'up' list is much longer than the 'down' :)