Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Rabbit Shopping Directory: "A"

Accessorize now has its own website, as opposed to being tacked onto Monsoon's, and has a lot more stock on it (including all the new makeup range, which has so far eluded me in every Superdrug I’ve been into!) 

Oh Anthropologie, Anthropologie, Anthropologie, how I love thee. (I did just type that out three times by the way, when I could've copied and pasted...) Before it reached our shores last year, I loved it so much I was moved to poetry:

Oh dear Anthropologie, Your delightful femininity Does entrap my imagination And sets it ablaze With thoughts of outfits Of incomparable beauty. I gaze at your loveliness from afar. And my heart yearns for a UK store, As I do not dare order online For fear of custom charges.

(Kids will be studying this in A Level English in years to come.) Now it has arrived, I still gaze at the pretty dresses, accessories, shoes, bags and homeware from afar because the hefty price hike (practically dollar price to sterling). But it is a haven of sheer, beautiful wonderment nevertheless, and quite possibly would be the Rabbit Mothership, if  that wasn't already Liberty (they have cake, ya see.) I'm a little scared of the cult-like US blogger following it has, (they even watch TV to see who's wearing "Anthro", shiver) but the website and the Regent's Street shop are loveliness indeed, and give me ample inspiration to "Anthro" up my outfits (and they have very good reductions, every Tuesday). 

What, you might ask, is a supermarket doing in the Rabbit Directory? But Asda do some great basics and turn up quirky, charming pieces quite regular. I still kick myself that I didn't get my hands on this dress modelled by the gorgeous Passion for Fashion... (love her styling of it, sigh). And currently there's a collection by Barbara Hulanicki of Biba fame, featuring a cute purple butterfly print dress, so there's some fashion cred for you should you require it.

If you're online and reading this, the chance is you've already bought something from ASOS. However, the reason it's in my directory is that I want to praise it for continually updating stock (every day, you can get a bit obsessive about checking if you're like me) and stocking lesser known brands as well as the more ubiquitous. Add to that an awesome beauty section, an outlet runs all the time (a bit like a permanent Brandalley - coming up) and recently introduced free delivery (and now returns too) on all orders (well, if you're prepared to wait a bit), and it's a demonstration on how online selling should be done.


There are some very cute, girly dresses on this Irish site, and the prices are very reasonable too.


  1. Oh dear, I didn't know A-wear were online. Should.not.have.looked.

  2. Yay! What a great idea. I shall follow this series with MUCH interest. The Boy and my bank balance will despair :D

  3. I didnt realise Accessorise have their own site, i miss out on so much now the bag is so quiet. Thanks for the link, thats still one of my favourite dresses, it fitted my whole pregnancy too, yay for Asda! x

  4. I love Asos so so much. Anthropolgie has such pretty things, but I doubt I will ever afford anything!