Friday, 25 February 2011

NARS Lipgloss Friday: Misbehave

I've been a bit quiet this week but getting back on track now. Today we have one of the glosses from my Crazy Heart set that my sister got me for Christmas. This is a stunning sheer red gloss with gold and red microglitter. It looks so glossy on the lips and is a very easy way to wear red. I think it'd look amazing over the Sleek Scandalous pout polish from their Valentine's collection.

Closeup of the shimmer;

Bet you're getting sick of my face from this one shoot!


  1. Actually every time you post one of these I spend ages admiring your gorgeous eye-make-up! I'm not a lipgloss person (I worry it makes my lips look too prominent) but this one looks especially lovely on you! x

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  3. great shade!! is the lipgloss sticky??