Friday, 4 February 2011

NARS Lipgloss Friday: Downtown

It's Friday, and I have another limited edition NARS gloss for you, this time from the Holiday 2010 collection: Downtown.

Downtown is sticky for a NARS gloss - but I'm willing to compromise on that because the colour is so unusual. It's a very metallic mauve, that is shot with cool pink shimmer. It's almost futuristic in its way. Of course, my camera picks up none of that, but you can make out a bit of a sheen. It doesn't go so well with the warm colours I've used on my eyes and cheeks - but looks awesome paired with cool tones. I wore it with a deep forest green liner and it looked really pretty, and I think it would work with my almost-too intense Avon Supershock silver liner (which I haven't got to work for me yet, I'm actually a bit scared of how pigmented it is!)


  1. I like!! but you said its sticky:( my hair gets stuck to my lips and that really bothers me, so will have to pass this one..

  2. That is a gorgeous colour! I have the silver Avon liner too, but I love the pigmentation :P

  3. It is a very interesting colour! Thanks so much for showing it to us!
    XOXO from a new follower,