Wednesday, 2 February 2011

The Rabbit Shopping Directory

Once upon a time, the Rabbit used to be part of a well known women's website's fashion forum. She made some dear dear friends on there, who helped her through some very difficult times (and some of whom are "real-life" friends to this day). Then the evil Powers At Be decided everyone was having too much fun and decided to change  - i.e. ruin - things, and she left, (but that's another matter). Anyway during her time there, a member and friend called Curlsaloud built a shopping directory of her favourite shops. Her directory is still up - and fairly up to date. And it's a brilliant resource.

But I wanted to a Rabbit version, of the online shops I browse most, which are all havens for things quirky and feminine. I hope to enable much purchasing! Over the coming weeks, I'll be doing an A-Z of my favourites, with a little mini review and link to each. When I'm done I'll put up a post with all the links. How's that sound? (If it sucks, sorry, because I've already written the entry for "A"!) I'm sure there are many lovely (especially independent) shops I've overlooked, so please do comment so I can add them to the final list!


  1. I miss the old days! Although a shiny new shopping directory sounds like a good plan :) x

  2. Oh how I miss the good old forum too! Unfortunately I was mostly lurking and didn't post much but I really regret it now, there were some lovely people on there! I still can't get over how they ruined it with that rubbish new layout, the whole community was destroyed :-(
    I look forward to your directory!x

  3. Great idea! I still have Curslaloud's bookmark (Arietty) - think I left just before it all changed, but good times were certainly had... on another note, I was in Oxford last week and found Northlight on the High Street - really great shop for clean, Scandi design that you probably know already, but unfortunately their online shop isn't too good: