Wednesday, 16 February 2011

FOTD: Scandalously Sleek

A second FOTD this week!

This was my makeup on Valentine's Day, I didn't do anything of note (I was teaching and Bartimaeus was doing the same 130 miles away) but I wanted to use my new Sleek blush and pout polish and use my Avon silver liner more subtly!

The Sleek blush is beautiful, and I strongly encourage you to get in before the limited edition stock dwindles away (it's supposed to stop being available today, so run!) It looks a scary bright matte red in the pan and it is very pigmented (apparently a NARS Exhibit A dupe according to Wayne Goss) but when buffed into the skin it's so translucent and pretty. I used my new NARS Albatross over it and it's a beautiful combination. If you're scared of bright blush a highlighter can really soften the look.

The Pout Polish is nice too, though a bit orange for me when used full-on. I've used it more like a stain here. And it is sweet tasting as well as scented, where other Pout Polishes are not! A bit of a surprise.

The light's not great in this photo because it's 7am. Thank heavens for concealer!

I'm wearing the rose earrings my mum bought me last year for Valentine's Day, they're so pretty and are hand carved.

Scandalous Albatross (I wonder if those two words have ever been used in a sentence before?)

Rhamnousia of Desi Girl Does Makeup, one of my favourite bloggers and something of an eye makeup expert, gave me some tips on wearing silver eyeliner subtly, so I lined my eyes with the black Supershock first, then lined over it finely with the silver, and then went over the edge closest to my lashes again with the black, and smudged a bit. I think it looks ace, and really opens up my (very sleepy) eyes! Thanks my dear!

What I wore:

MAC Moisturecover Select concealer

MAC Paint in Bamboom on upper lids
Avon Supershock Gel liner in black
Avon Supershock Gel liner in silver
Maybelline Colossal mascara in 100% Black

MAC MSF in Dark
Sleek blush in Scandalous with NARS Albatross buffed over the top
MAC Brow in Spiked

Sleek Pout Polish in Scandal


  1. You look lovely! Love the hint of silver liner :) I really want that blush but haven't managed to make it to Superdrug yet so I've probably missed it :/

  2. Love the liner look! It really makes your eyes look gorgeous, I'm tempted to try it too! The blusher looks lovely on your skin, but when I swatched it it did frighten me a little too much to buy! xx

  3. That looks lovely, the colour really makes your eyes stand out.

    I don't look anywhere near as good at seven am :D

  4. I going to try the silver eyeliner as you outlined but I dont have a steady hand so expecting big disaster:-)

  5. Hey, I always like ur makeup - its subtle and perfect. How about adding "how to" youtube videos for makeup-screwups like me??