Wednesday, 9 February 2011

NOTD: OPI My Private Jet

When I first got this polish, I was convinced I had a fake. Turns out it is genuine, but though I'd read about the differences between the old formula version of this colour and the new, it hadn't prepared me for the difference in real life. I've seen a lot of photos of the old version online and it's heartbreakingly lovely, a soft grey-black holographic. The new version is a deep brown-grey with silver glitter. Hmmm. I think expected a bit of holographic glitter play, if not the full on holo effect of the original, but this is only to be found when you photograph your fingers with a mighty flash. Sadly, that is not what I do for most of my day.

I don't want to post any pictures of it under a flash because they'll just get your hopes up for something you don't really see most of the time. I have to say I did grow to like this more as the week went on, and as I started to accept it on its own terms, but I join the legions of other nail bloggers wishing for the original's return.

In the mean time,  I think this needs some layering up! To try to recreate some kind of idea of the original, I'll be keeping an eye out for a silver holo polish to layer over it a la Helen of Just Nice Things.


  1. The urge for me to buy something from OPI has increased recently so much, did you ever see the Alice In wonderland range? that was really pretty.

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    any comments would be appreciated
    thanks xxxx

  2. How disappointing :( I'm desperate for the old formula too!