Thursday, 29 April 2010

FOTD and NOTD: Aqua/Pink, or Bengali Barbie look

Aqua eyes with pink lips always reminds me of Barbie! This is what I'm wearing today.

MAC Moisturecover Select concealer

MAC Paint in Bamboom
The Body Shop eye pencil in "Vibrant" Emerald (shockingly underpigmented, had to basically crayon it on! lucky it was a freebie)
MAC Pearlglide in Undercurrent over it (my favourite!)
YSL Faux Cils mascara

MAC MSF in Dark
MAC Breezy blush
MAC Brow in Spiked

MAC Slimshine in Pleasing (also a favourite)

And here are my nails: Barry M Mint Green with a coat of GOSH Magic Rainbow (clear iridescent glitter) on top. Mint Green is a bit more "dayglo" than I'd like (I prefer more complex shades) but it's fun!

Truer colour:


  1. Beautiful! The aqua goes so nicely with the pink. Those nails are fab!

  2. Love the nail polish its gorgeous xx

  3. Thank you for your comment on my blog, lovely. Love that polish and you're looking fabulous as always xx

  4. You look soooo beautiful! Love the aqua nails too. I have missed reading everyone's blogs! I hate that I still have 2 months of suffering left before I can function as a normal human being. Oh and the photo was taken after dinner so what you see there are remnants of the pink poodle lip gloss (Mac). It is a very bright blue-ish pink with sparkly bits.