Saturday, 6 October 2012

Supermarket Sweep Saturdays

I love supermarket clothing ranges. They're great value, usually good quality and you can sneak dresses in with your weekly shop. I really rate Tesco and Asda for good quality basics like thick cotton tights, T shirts and socks but they also come up with some lovely alternatives to Peacocks and Primark (both of which seem to be getting more and more expensive, whilst quality declines). So I thought I'd do a weekly rundown of things I like that come from supermarket ranges. Due to its price bracket (and the fact that my local branch is directly opposite Asda) I'm going to include Matalan in with Asda and Tesco. I wish Sainburys would bring their clothing range online because it's very nice too!

So this week, the following have caught my eye.

Just how snuggly is this? 

Matalan, £20   

I love the scalloped detailing of this coat which makes it look a lot more expensive than £40:

Tesco, £40
Not sure what the leather on these might be like but I'm impressed that are even ARE leather, at £38:

Asda, £38

Do you buy from supermarket clothing ranges? Which is your favourite?

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