Friday, 5 October 2012

Friday Frock returns!

And what a frock to return with. This is, I think, could be close to being the favourite of my THREE rabbit print dresses. (Yes, three!) Monsoon really knock it out of the park with this - I love the tulip shape, the pinky-cream colour, and the lovely, elegant elbow length sleeves. (The print's not too bad, either...)

I wore this outfit to see some of my oldest, dearest friends for what was a beautiful afternoon of food, drink and laughter - and giraffes. There's little in the world that's better, for me. I only wish all my favourite people weren't scattered all over the place. Hmmph. Personally, I think they all need to move to Southampton.

Dress, Monsoon; shoes, Poetic Licence; cardigan, Topshop; embellished headband, Primark; bee earrings, Dorothy Perkins; flower and pearl necklace, Accessorize.