Monday, 8 October 2012

Arm Candy, that ole blogger cliche

When I was at uni, I used to take great pride in my stacks and stacks of bangles, bracelets, cuffs and beads which I used to meticulously match to my outfit every day and which used to go from wrist to close to my elbow on both arms, Indian bride style. (In fact I made one of my best friends in the world through our matching sets - that and Goodness Gracious Me). Alas, I no longer have the time to do that (make the most of it, students) and I spend far too much time in silent whispery archives and libraries to jangle and clatter quite so much. That said, I do always jingle a bit, as these I never take off - my dozen hand carved silver bangles which were given to me by my beloved uncles:

The polish I'm wearing here was actually given to me from the beloved friend mentioned above, and is OPI's Jade is the New Black
Close up of the Bangladeshi floral hand carving <3 br="br">

But I do keep seeing people on Instagram proudly displaying wrists full of jewels (if you wish to follow my endless pictures of other people's cats and my lunches, I am nazneen372), and I have a hankering to reload. Perhaps not quite as gaudily as before - now I am thinking of delicate pieces, semi precious stones, and whimsical charms that might nestle and peek from under my bangles. Should I stick to silver? Should I mix metals? I don't rightly know!

But these are some of the pieces that have caught my eye of late:

I've always loved the more delicate pieces Lola Rose does:

QVC, £18.36
 Also rather pretty but a bit chunkier to make more of an impact (and would co-ordinate with my engagement ring :) )
QVC, £18.36

 I love seed pearls so this delicate bracelet with the tiniest tiniest pearls does sing to me:

Oliver Bonas, £18

And really rather gorgeous, this, like a garland of tiny flowers:

Oliver Bonas, £18
Finally I couldn't not have a rabbit charm, could I? (I'd have NNA as the initials, to stand for me, my sister and my bro):

Etsy, £18

What's on your wrists? Do you like to keep it simple with a single piece, or do you go to town on mixing it up?


  1. gorgeous I love the bunny one and the first oliver bonas one x

    1. Thanks Lou (fellow QVC fan, sshh!) - ah, if only I wasn't on the spending ban of all spending bans, but as it is I'm whacking a lot of them on the Christmas list! :)