Monday, 24 January 2011

Ups and Downs

Well, a new year brings new highs and new lows. Here's my first lot of 2011:


After a year of having no fringe or layers, I finally got my hair cut into choppy short layers with a side fringe again. I didn't realise how much having a decent cut affects my style and confidence, I assumed it was the length that defines me but it's actually the fringe just as much. Since my cut I've felt like my clothes look so much quirkier. Definitely going to try to maintain it better this time and be really clear on what I want when I go to the hairdressers.


I love this aspect of my job more than any other. I had a wonderful class today, and it was energising and rewarding. It was difficult material but together we got to the bottom of it and thought way beyond it. Of course there are also impossible classes too that drag and drag, but the key to getting through is enough prep. And I always prep!

Cashmere Stole

I allowed myself a bit of a luxury purchase during the sale, in the form of a massive grey 100% cashmere stole from Warehouse. I think it's singlehandedly the best purchase I've ever made! I've had a successive series of colds and am travelling back and forth from Kent, Southampton and Surrey so much, and it's been a saviour: super-soft, super-warm, super-snuggly. It's rarely not around my neck, but luckily the grey looks good with everything.

New Perfume

My amazing present of Jo Malone's Rosewater and Vanilla has brought my fragrance wardrobe to a grand 4 bottles, the other three being Viktor & Rolf's Flowerbomb, Flowerbomb Extreme, and L'Occitane Honey and Lemon (discontinued, boo!) I do love my gourmand scents (all four above are practically edible) and this is the perfume equivalent of turkish delight, in all its fragrant, nutty and unctuous glory. It's a stunning winter scent, sweet, exotic and smoky and feels like luxury whenever I wear it. (I'd like some Turkish Delight and cocoa now please, scary wintry lady.)


After almost a month off, my mojo has definitely returned! I'm finding ways to shorten the time it takes me to write entries, so hopefully should be posting more often (and commenting when I can!)


Some exciting times ahead for the Rabbit, fingers crossed. A little daunting, but Rabbits hop over obstacles, don't they?!


Immune System

I've had four colds in a row and a cough that's lasted six weeks. I genuinely have forgotten what it feels like to be well!

Things I Can't Control

Not a good thing for a control freak (or as I see it, someone who likes to be prepared). But I'm doing my best not to be too phased.

Trying To Make Everyone Happy

Is not always possible. But I really hate to disappoint, so this is very hard for me to come to terms with.
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  1. Oh, Nazneen! You must post up a picture of your nrew hair do! Bet you look HAWT!

    I'm also one fot hose people that likes to be prepared. 'Cause you just never know what's around the corner. I'd like to snap out of it sooner or later, I have tried but it's proving to be quite difficult. Wish I just kick back and relax and enjoy the now. ~sigh xx

  2. Ooh the Jo Malone perfume sounds delicious! I'll have to hunt it down and give it a good sniffing :P
    I hate disappointing people too :(

  3. Your new shawl sounds gorgeous as does your new perfume.

    And yes i'd love to see the new hair too!

    The doll on fashion

  4. I want to see the new Rabbit 'do too! And I am very jealous of the cashmere thingy (I need one myself at present) and JM, it sounds gorgeous.

    I'm also someone who likes to "be prepared" :D so I entirely sympathise with how you feel...

  5. Naz i want to see the scarf and the new hair! Post photos please!
    I think we must like very similar scents, your new perfume sounds divine x

  6. Love the sound of the cashmere scarf, the ones I've seen have been really expensive. Do you mind me asking how much the Warehouse one was? Love the sound of the Jo Malone perfume too.

  7. Becky, the stole was £35, they still have the camel colourway:

    there's also a pure cashmere snood but it's not half as snuggly (my sister has it) x

    Thanks ladies! x