Thursday, 20 January 2011

Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation

I got my first proper foundation a couple of weeks ago. I usually just wear my MAC MSF Natural which I love but I bought a very bright lipgloss (NARS Strawberry Fields) and it just wasn't up to it. On many Asian bloggers' recommendations I headed to the Bobbi Brown counter. MAC and I are just about working out in terms of concealer shades (well, I have to mix two of them to get the right shade!) but I'm not really an NC (too orange) or an NW (too cool), somewhere in between. I told a MAC SA that it seemed MAC SAs really couldn't figure out my shade group, and she took real exception to it, saying they weren't wrong choices and that I'm able to wear both. Which was pretty absurd, surely your skin colour is not two shades but one?

Anyhow, my experience at Bobbi Brown was so different. I was a bit bewildered (a rabbit in the headlights!) and a little concerned that I might be throwing more good money away. But the SA was very professional, efficient and matched me in a matter on minutes (I'm 6 Golden). I am lucky to have pretty good skin (my major problem is dark shadows under my eyes, and some variation in tone all over) but I don't need a heavy coverage foundation and hate the feeling of heavy stuff sitting on my skin. So the SA chose the Skin Foundation for me - which is sheer (too sheer for some MUA reviewers). But perfect for me. I ran outside with her mirror to check it looked right in daylight (it looked a little yellow under their shop lights but is perfect in daylight, and makes me wonder how she matched it in those light conditions!) and I love the sheer ultra-natural effect. My skin looks just like my skin but better. Result! Alas, their concealers are too drying for me, I really wish they'd bring out an equivalent of MAC's Select Moisture Cover for use under the eyes specifically.

You want to see it in action?

Voila. Here are some pictures of me, first, totally sans makeup (eek), then with concealer + MSF (a real difference - and perfect for everyday, it's a magical powder) and then with concealer + Skin foundation, and then fully made up. It's a transformation! (also check out my eyebrows, which were threaded for the first time ever last week!)


  1. Many things to say, as per usual.

    1)Your skin is nice enough without makeup!
    2)Have you lost weight? You're looking v. slimline.
    3)Eyebrow threading..a pain at first but you get desensitised to it and I like how your brows look.
    4)That foundation is perfect for you, you really can't tell you're wearing any. I may have to go for BB as my current one has finished and I've been barefaced for a while.

  2. Rhamnousia - aww thanks love!!! I have actually lost about half a stone on Weight Watchers so far. Well done for noticing!

    Threading didn't hurt as much as I thought it would (and I am such a weener when it comes to pain) - but I will not wear makeup next time as my eyes properly watered for about 15 minutes afterwards! I've always struggled to shape my brows, and often end up looking a bit monobrow without realising. Much easier this way.

    BB is great for Asian skin, really. My sis is doing pretty well with NARS but that's a whole lot more expensive and not as good a colour match I think. Post if you buy! x

  3. that foundation looks amazing amazing amazing on you! even though you don't need it, but I think I'll be heading down to Bobbi Brown sometime soon. . xx

  4. That foundation looks flawless on you, though you don't need it as your skin is amazing! I wish mines looked like that! xx

  5. Wow you do have great skin! You look lovely even in the photo without any makeup. The foundation matches you perfectly though, looks really good! I don't have a match in Mac either, I'm too pale and too pink. I've not tried Bobbi Brown.

  6. You look absolutely fine without makeup on and you don't need foundation at all with your clear skin x

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments, Sophie, Tass, Lillian and Sparkles. As a teen I had top and bottom railway track braces, a terrible bowl haircut and proper NHS glasses (on string), I think having clear skin was the one compensation!

    Lillian - I've heard BB tends towards yellow in darker shades (that's why it's good for Asian skin) but I don't know what colour family the lighter shades are in. Unless you're "medium" it's so hard to find a good match! x

    Sophie - one of my favourite bloggers Designer Spray also recommends the Natural Finish foundation, and it looks great on her so I'd recommend checking that one out too x

  8. look fab. I've been itching to change it up myself...thanks!

  9. Wow your skin looks stunning! Your blog is awesome x

  10. Hi there,

    what colour r u in the skin foundation? coz it looks amazing on u.