Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Hair (and the most basic tutorial ever!)

A couple of you wanted to see my new hair and as I said before, I don't like to disappoint! Here are some pics taken on Mac Photo Booth (not the best but easier for hair shots) of the way I get my straight thick hair to go wavy. My fringe is a bit longer than it was, I prefer it slightly shorter than this.

Firstly, when just blowdried, I put my hair into two low bunches-type buns:

Then I leave for a couple of hours, and then undo:

It looks a bit mad at first:

But some teasing with fingers and the weight of my hair means it drops into waves in a matter of minutes. This is the way it ends up looking:


  1. That looks great I am going to try this.

    Do you only have to leave them in for a couple of hours?

  2. My hair is shorter than yours but I might try this anyway, need to give myself an occasional break from the straighteners!

  3. I do tjis with my hair too, its super easy/ I love the fringe xx

  4. I should try this!!

    Thanks for the MAC list of red lipstick..I will check out dubonnet shade

  5. Oh my, it's gorgeous!! It's so shiny and wavy and strokeable :D