Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Blogs that make you go whoop

I follow a lot of fashion blogs and I love reading them all. But there's a few that when they pop into my Google Reader make me do an inner "whoop" and make me smile every time. Perhaps it's their style that speaks to me, perhaps their writing, or their photographs - or all these and more. But every time one of these bloggers updates their little sunny corners of the blogosphere, I smile.*


Helen's baking's just as sweet as her style, plus I have really enjoyed her home interior posts recently too!


Just how beautiful is Gillian? I love her cute-but-with-a-goth-edge style. Particularly her going out outfits!

Polka Dani

I love that she did Literature at Kent, where I taught, and I love her perfectly pretty makeup looks - she's responsible for my recent obsession with lipstains!


Sarah's blog is just sheer awesomeness. I love all her dresses, of course, but even more, I love the way she writes - she's just. So. Funny.

Dolly Clackett

I really am in awe of Roisin's dressmaking abilities, and her Melissa cherry heels! Her outfit posts alway brighten my day (and have me scouring Ebay).

T Rex and Tiaras

Char is another talented dressmaker but also owns a prodigious number of beautiful frocks. She's the only person who's ever made me wish I was taller (but not a baller) because of how graceful the gal looks in a frock. She also shares my love of novelty prints!

Esme and the Lane Way

I love this vintage inspired Aussie fashion blog, her dresses are beautiful and I love her penchant for pairing a ladylike 1940s dress with massive chunky platforms.

Frocks and Frou Frou

Lili always has me hankering after Etsy custom made dress sellers! She has a great eye for colour and I deeply covet all her Chie Mihara shoes!

*I could just list ALL the blogs in my reader, because they pretty much all make me smile or think or covet or drool, otherwise they wouldn't be there! But we'd be here a while. These are just a few of the many I love (and if yours isn't listed it isn't because I don't love it!!)

Which are the blogs that make you go whoop?


  1. Oh! Thank you so much for this lovely mention, you have made my day! :)

  2. Oh that is so sweet, thank you so much!! It really makes me happy that you enjoy my blog, and I totally understand what you mean about the excitement when a favourite blogger posts - I feel that way about yours! Aw you really have brightened up my day with this :) xxx