Sunday, 15 July 2012

I'm back! and Hell Bunny OOTD

Hello, how are you all? I've been away again - writing papers, giving papers, travelling back and forth across the South East - oh, and somewhere in between, getting mawwied (The Princess Bride, 1987). I'm now recovered from a terrible cold (got immediately after the wedding, boo!) and am feeling a little less frazzled for the first time in what seems like months. So I thought I would start things off with a OOTD, pictures courtesy of the now Mr Bartimaeus Rabbit.

Dress, Hell Bunny via Amazon; cardigan, Marks and Spencer; flats, Bertie; hair clip, Accessorize; pearl earrings and necklace, gifts from my mum.

This is my first Hell Bunny dress (of course I approve of the brand name), and it's lovely. I've had it altered from a halterneck to regular straps (halternecks are not the busty girl's friend, for everyday wear at least) and shortened for stumpy little me. If you're in Southampton I heartily recommend the talented Jenni of Craftizan for alterations, customisations and custom-makes! Black floral prints are my very favourite (aside from bunny prints) as they're not as sugar-sweet as coloured florals and are very flattering.

I'm wearing ribbons from the shortening remnants in my high and swishy 1950s' ponytail but you can't see them. They make me feel very Sandra Dee! I'm also wearing one of the hairclips I wore on my wedding day - I'd been looking for vintage hair clips for weeks (one of my very few quests for my simple fuss-free wedding) and Accessorize came up trumps with these beautiful clips. I feel instantly more put together with one of these in my hair.

My shoes are a Bertie sale purchase: pale grey-toned mint patent, beautifully made real leather flats. I've decided to invest in my flat shoes (which I wear all the time) and not in heels from now on. I'm on the lookout for a bright green pair to add to my flatrobe...


  1. you look gorgeous as always my love - congratulations again xx

  2. Good to see you again, and it looks like you are flourishing. Rx

  3. Beautiful as ever Naz. I cannot wait to see some wedding photos! x

  4. Hope your cold has gone now. And I love your dress - well, I love the whole outfit, those shoes are lovely and the hairclips are gorgeous (I really thought they were vintage!).

  5. Gorgeous dress, I love that nice purple on you.

  6. The Hell Bunny dress is SO you, Naz! It's definitely rockabilly. Currently on the websie lemming for a few of those dresses!

    Glad you've recovered! I've currently been struck with tonsillitis, it's the worse thing, EVAR. xx

  7. Hello!

    That's a really cute dress, Hell Bunny has so many grwat styles!

    My watch is from a shop called New Yorker.

    And congratulations on the marriage! :)

  8. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations