Monday, 14 May 2012

School shoes

There are lots of versions of Clarks Magic Key style shoes about at the moment, in growned up sizes. Some of the fully "growned up" individuals amongst you might raise a stern eyebrow at this trend, possibly referencing Young Adult in your concerns.

Nevertheless, I can't help but love them, even if I'm now about 4x the actual age I wore this style most. To be honest, Clarks has been selling similar styles to sensible-shoe-wearing folks like myself for a good few years in the shape of various clumpy Active Air styles (my burgundy patent cross-strap clumpers being my very favourite day to day shoes), and so they're not a huge departure from what some people wear day to day. They're practical (kids wear them for a reason!), they're kooky-sweet and they're a sturdy alternative to the often pathetically unsupportive ballet pump, and I do love the nostalgia-factor. I think they go perfectly with little printed dresses and cardigans, just as I paired them in my ode to Bernie.

Back to School

T strap shoes
$110 -
Ymc flat heels
$278 -

Anyway, so here's a round up of the different versions around on the high street at the moment.My favourite so far have to be the navy Shellys' version on the left (but in red) - they're real leather, unlike the shiny red Schuh ones, they're not super-clumpy (the Red Or Dead ones are like having dreadnoughts strapped to your feet) and the T-bar is just right (the white Topshop ones and the YMC navy ones just look a bit too orthopaedic and not quite cute enough).

And here's the original ad that made so many girls' walks to school infinitely better as a result of a genius little bit of marketing:

Weirdly enough, it seems impossible to get these actual styles in larger-sized kids' sizes now. Which is a shame because for the smaller-footed among us, it'd be a much cheaper option than any of the above. But I'm guessing it's all about the Kickers loafers now. (I'm so *down* with them kids.)


  1. oh i love school shoes. :)

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