Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Pistachio Burfi NOTD

So I promised to try to recreate these delicious Asian sweets (one of my favourites!) on my nails after Rhamnousia commented during a Twitter convo that the OPI Silver Shatter reminded her of the silver foil that decorates them.
For a truly authentic look I'd need a much more yellow-toned green, but it's still kinda reminiscent I think!

On my other hand I tried a bit of nail art using four pieces of invisible tape stuck together to make a diamond-shaped stencil to replicate the burfi shape. I didn't lay it on evenly across my nails but quite like the haphazard effect. I'm now thinking a layered mani with a nude base, green diamond and silver diamond on top would be the most awesome burfi-mani! (I also think I'm going to try this with Stranger Tides too, for a badam burfi manicure as per the first picture).

I just adore Mermaid's Tears by the way. It's the most perfect seafoam creme polish I've ever seen. It's perfect for darker skintones, where many mint polishes can look chalky and tippexy (yes that's an adjective, that). Seafoam is my second favourite colour after aubergine and it's a joy to finally own a polish that replicates the shade I love best, murky, deeper and greener than duckegg blue, but bluer than mint. I hate chalky insipid pastels - but I love interesting, muted shades like this. Here it prior to being shattered.


  1. Mermaid's Tears looks great on you. I do love it but it suits you more than it does me.
    What is in those sweets? They look delicious! x

  2. Oooooh yum! Haha I love this idea! So true about the foil! :) Great looking mani hun, I'm on the hunt for a gold shatter polish, that would be awesome!

    Love Aysh xoxo

  3. Beautiful! I need that silver shatter and I need it now!

  4. Oooo, how pretty, I love the patterns.

    I bought Mermaid's Tears on the strength of your recommendation :D If it looks half as good on me, I shall be happy.

  5. Aw these are awesome! Love the diagonals. However I do have to say that he best burfi is the plain one!!! xx

  6. I've been trying so hard not to cave and buy this but I don't think I can do it! If I don't smoke and only drink cider which is basically water in the west country, it's fine to have a flat out addiction to nail polish yes? x

  7. Six million years later and I finally see the post!

    That topcoat would work fantastically in gold, can you imagine how easy it would make dressing your nails up for Indian functions?