Friday, 3 June 2011

Friday Frock! OOTD: Sugar and Spice and... Bugs

If you recall my post on my printed dresses, I have a thing about whimsical prints, and I especially love bug prints, though not being the greatest fan of insects in real life. I love the subversiveness of the dress with bugs on - feminine on one hand, a bit weird on the other. My Topshop bug dress looks like leopard print from a distance - but has created shivered responses when people realise what the print is. I love that!

Dress, Dorothy Perkins, cardigan, New Look, patent black Mary Janes, Clarks, single pink pearl choker, custom made, pink pearl earrings, Aarong Bangladesh.

This Dorothy Perkins dress has become a smart work event staple, it's a pretty pinky taupe and from a distance it looks so sweet with the discernible butterflies. It's only when you look closer that you see the bugs!

The etched print and pinky shade make me think of Prada's Fairy collection, one of my all time favourite fashion collections. It's whimsical in the same vein, I like to think...


  1. Oh wow that dress is amazing. I love insects!

  2. The print in that dress is stunning!! It really suits you x

  3. That is super-cute. I love the outfit as well, the colours are lovely (and so is the tangly leafyness behind you!).

  4. Love the dress, looks fab on you x

  5. Adore the dress.