Friday, 27 May 2011

Friday Frock: Plum Crumble

This dress is an oldie that doesn't get enough outings. It's such good quality - swishy thick cotton, lovely puff sleeves with ribbon ties, peter pan collar, fully lined and has pockets. It's from Primark a few years ago. At the time I hesitated because it cost £15 and I thought that was a lot to spend on a Primark dress.

But now I realise the decline in Primark quality (and accompanied hikes in prices) when I wear this dress. You'd never find this in there now, and other stores would charge a hell of a lot more than £15 (especially given the rise in cotton prices). I feel like this dress is a symbol of how much life sucks in the UK right now - the quality of our lives has definitely declined, but everything costs so much more. Stupid to get philosophical about a dress, but wearing it did get me thinking.

Dress, Primark, cardigan, New Look, tan ballet flats, Primark

To make this into a bit of a Match of the Day, here's the necklace I wore. It's so very Rabbit! It had a horrid pink ribbon bow on but I removed that and I'll be putting a pearl on it when I have a moment to dig out my jewellery making kit.

Necklace, Accessorize

And my lovely leather flats from Primark (which, you might notice, are actually a bit too big for me now, but I can't stop wearing them!)


  1. That dress is lovely and it looks great on you!

  2. Lovely dress! The colours are gorgeous.

    I like the Friday Frocks feature very much :)

  3. This dress is great and the locket caught my attention.
    great post.

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  4. This outfit is gorgeous, I love the shape of the dress and the necklace is so cute!
    I totally agree about the quality of clothes getting worse, it's so annoying. It seems like everything I buy at the moment has threads unravelling or terrible quality fabric!

  5. Looking lovely, i NEED those shoes ;) x