Friday, 10 June 2011

Friday Frock! OOTD: Knackered Candystriper

My apologies for looking dishevelled, minus makeup, and generally exhausted. That'd be because I am, having had one of the busiest and most exhausting two weeks I've had for ages. But though not officially a "frock' but a skirt, this is as "frock-like" as a skirt can get I think and it has been perking me up no end. It's a new arrival in Primark, and £16. I've not tried a high waisted full skirt before (I tend to wear mine lower on the hips) but I really like this look - and it's very flattering I think!

Skirt, Primark, black top, Dorothy Perkins, cardigan, New Look, tights, M&S, red bow ballet pumps, Office, necklace, Accessorize, earrings, Accessorize.

Close up of the print - which contains pretty much all of my favourite colours:

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