Friday, 20 May 2011

Friday Frock! OOTD: Candy Zoo

So I have decided to make myself do more OOTDs by making it a regular weekly occurrence - by replacing NARS Lipgloss Fridays with Friday Frocks! And I have a newbie to start this all off. Say hello to the Candy Zoo dress!

So, sale-bargain regrets. How many of us rue passing things up, to be haunted by "the perfect dress" or the "perfect shoes" forever. I basket-danced with a dress when I saw it on Ulrika's blog last year, but missed out on my size at the sale price of £35.

Luckily, kids, there is summat now called Ebay. I'm not a major Ebayer, but go to it when I want something specific, utilising my honed search-term skills (I kid you not, I can find anything online, super-fast). This dress popped up last week - and I was lucky enough to win it! Ideally I'd have liked a 14 but at £3.26 (including P&P) I can't be too fussy, and 12 fits fine. It's a bit short and so sugar sweet I do wonder how long I'll be able to wear stuff like this for (I'll be 32 this year) but given I still look pretty young I'm just going to enjoy it for the time being. And not wear it to work!

Dress, New Look via Ebay, heart embroidered cardigan, New Look, leopard print hairband, Dorothy Perkins, flower earrings, Accessorize, woolly tights, Marks and Spencer, tan ballet flats (unseen), Primark.

Apologies for absence of feet - we're moving stuff around in the house so there's no places for pictures at the moment!

The print has: lions, birds, butterflies, deer, horses - and I just spotted an elephant - as well as the tiny polka dots. I love the dusty muted colours, which perfectly match my OPI Mermaid's Tears manicure (coming up!)


  1. What the frick? 32?! I thought you were the same age as me, 25!!

    Think the dress is adorable and cannot wait to see the Mermaid's Tears NOTD, my fave colour from that collection.

    Btw I love the term "basket-danced" xx

  2. Great buy!
    Looking forward to your dress posts, you have such nice dresses. :)

  3. Oh, how cute is that! And I'm quite excited by the notion of Friday Frocks, what an excellent idea :D

    I am older than you and I intend wearing super cutesy/sweet things for as long as I have the strength to pull them on. Along with my leathers and biker boots...

  4. Oh my god, i think i might need that dress, its sooo cute! Naz i think im going to be lusting after your dresses every single friday! x

  5. this is soooooooo wonderful!!! :)
    xx marcelle