Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ring out the old, ring in the new

Two of my essential accessories have been in serious need of an update for some time. My faithful tan leather cross body bag, and my wallet. My bag travelled the world with me for four years but daily use and trips to India, Bangladesh, the Middle East and Europe have taken their toll - to the point that my uncle in Bangladesh even politely and somewhat reproachfully enquired "don't you have ANY other bags?"

I was considering alternatives in this post - but having tried all the Topshop bags, none were quite right. My specs, though, were quite high: good hard-wearing leather, big enough for Moleskines/thin novels but not too huge, pretty daisy cutouts if possible, a strong, comfortable strap, and two compartments at least. I felt like it was never going to happen! It did, after a long search, and from a rather unlikely source!

So here's my accessories upgrade:

My poor weary tan leather bag, Accessorize (oh the shame...)
Purple leather wallet, Urban Outfitters
New-shininess (well, nearly new, they've been in use for a few weeks:

Tan leather bag, Dickins and Jones at House of Fraser

Red leather wallet, Marks and Spencer

Close up of punch out detailing on bag:

I definitely feel less scruffy and more put together now. And I'm so chuffed with the bag, it's made of such butter-soft but structured high grade leather, unlike the Topshop versions. I got it from Dickins and Jones of all places, which I view as a label for somewhat older folks, but it's so similar to the Topshop ones in style. I know, though, that unlike those, this will last me a good few years. I got it in the House of Fraser sale (the blue is still available), and with a gift voucher I only paid £20. Cannot complain about that! The wallet was also bargainous - at £6, and has just enough compartments. It's roomy, but I can't stuff it full of crap! Which is probably a good thing. They have lots of other colours too.

Hopefully my uncle will approve of my de-tramped accessories!


  1. The bag is gorgeous...great buy x

  2. Oooooo, both are lovely! I like the little bow and the colour of the purse, and the bag looks so, hmm, strokeable :D