Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The One-Eyed Cat Company

Apart from starting a blog, one of my other "When I've finished the PhD" resolutions was to start drawing and painting again. I did A-level Art, and was very much torn between doing English at uni and going to art school. Obviously I chose the former, and drawing became a hobby instead that I kept up during my undergrad, but it has been much neglected since.

This was my first foray back into drawing earlier this year, a quick doodle of my sister's one-eyed cat Molly, who likes to poke her head round corners in a most endearing way. I had this caption in my mind when I was drawing, and thought it might make a sweet card.

I've found a good incentive to get me drawing again has been card-making, in part influenced by my friend Sara who makes beautifully handdrawn cards, and my colleague Sue, an avid craft-based cardmaker. So far I've made two for my colleague, of her cat, Hunter. These were quick pencil sketches, really, coloured with water soluble wax pencils, the latter of which I finished yesterday. I loved doing his tiger stripes!

I'd like to do a series of cat cards, I think, perhaps line drawings I could reproduce and then colour individually, to raise money for Cats Protection. In tribute to our optically challenged feline friends (both my sister's cats are missing an eye) I envisage my little philanthropic venture to be titled The One-Eyed Cat Company.


  1. aw they are fab Naz - I love the one with its paw over its face

  2. They are fantastic, you are so talanted x

  3. They're lovely! I feel a little freaked out by how similar our activities have been recently - I've been making cards to sell for the Sudanese Red Crescent!

  4. Oh, I love those so much. The one of Molly makes me laugh!

  5. love the sketches!
    am humbled by the mention!
    Sara xx