Wednesday, 5 August 2009

A Pocketful of Wry

No doubt these posts will die down a little as the novelty wears off (and when, The Boy, who shall henceforth be known here as Bartimaeus , returns from his summer in Bombay). But for now, I shall continue to be prolific.

Due to a glut of familial birthdays and my general resolution to Not Buy Stuff and Save, few parcels have been arriving for me of late. And I do love to receive parcels. So it was a particular joy to receive one today, all the more enjoyable for having cost me all of £6 for a pretty dress I've been after for a while (inspired by one of my favourite bloggers, The Clothes Horse, wearing it so well here). Good things come to those who lurk on Ebay, I suppose. How very different it looks on me, no?!

Excuse the absence of shoes, or an "outfit" per se. I'm thinking of bronze/gold flats, and a black cardigan because the print, colours and shape really say enough on me. Perhaps with red accents, because The Clothes Horse's shoes do look fetching with it. I am really loving the tulip shape at the moment - Bartimaeus and others have commented that it is a good shape for me, and I agree. And I did a little dance when I discovered that this dress also has pockets.

Ah pockets. Whilst I often find Jess Cartner-Morley's contributions to the Guardian's fashion pages uninspiring, she's bang on the money with her hymn to pocketed dresses. I love them, and I've been swayed to buy a dress simply when I've discovered it had them. Like Jess, I can't exactly pinpoint why, given said pockets often do not have any practical purpose. But a pocketed dress feels different. Whilst a dress (especially a structured affair like this purchase) can seem quite formal, to me, pockets add a loucheness to proceedings. Perhaps even a trouseriness? (And given I never wear them, that is as trousered as I get!) I imagine Katharine Hepburn would've appreciated pockets on dresses. Being an enterprising kinda gal, she may have even insisted upon them. If I had a wardrobe mistress to hand, I know I would.


  1. Lovely!

    And please do tell us more about Bartimaeus, the subject of this Bollywood style affair (I am picturing a lot of dancing)! x

  2. a) love the dress

    b) now I know we're connected starting blogs at pretty much the same time can't wait to read some more, btw got the iconic red lipstick by dolce and gabbana AND the stromboli eye pencil black kohl flecked with gold........did think you would approve when I purchased!

  3. Thanks girls. I'm sure Bartimaeus will feature quite a bit here, so stick around (though there hasn't been much dancing, disappointingly!)

    Music Junkie, the Dolce & Gabbana purchases sound fab! Yay, you've finally got your red lippie! I've not had a chance to try it out yet but the packaging looks so glam (and thus perfectly you!) The kohl is calling me... I'm a sucker for dark shades with glitter.