Monday, 31 August 2009

Shamelessly copied: In/Out

I love fashion columns that are of the “up/down” “in/out” variety – of which The Guardian’s The Measure is my favourite. Pithy, fickle and fun. Though mine, predictably, isn’t quite as pithy!


The Return of Bartimaeus

A week on Monday (fingers crossed). Not sure I’ve ever looked forward to anything as much. Now, what to wear…


The season of the chicest clothes, nicest food and X Factor. Oh, and mellow fruitfulness etc.

Embellished accessories

Feathered hairbands, jewelled flats, pearls and zipped corsages. Perfect for enriching a plain outfit.

Oreo Chocolate Cream cookies

I’m addicted to these. Like Bourbon creams, but darker and saltier. And way too moreish as a result.

Woolly tights

They’re back in the shops! (Though not quite weather for them yet)… These stop my winters as a dress-wearer from being miserable (in fact they make mine cosy and snug, indeed, smug, whilst I watch others drag trouserhems through puddles and sleet). I collect coloured ones wherever I find them, and have, so far, charcoal, red, pink, mauve and several shades of purple. What colours will I add this year, I wonder?


British summertime

And a disappointment every year, it seems. Luckily I refrained from too many sundress purchases this year!

Salads for lunch

Bring on the homemade soups and stews.


Soggy post-downpour feet are no fun.

Embellished dresses

Lovely dresses cheapened by an excess of studs, cheap diamantes, ruffles and hitched hems (sometimes all on the same item!). Less is more (accessories!)

X Factor Auditions

I don’t like the circus style format, and am bored already of the freak-freak-freak-ASBO-diamond-freak-freak-freak-ASBO-diamond rigmarole. Bring on the live shows!

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