Monday, 3 August 2009

Hello there, and welcome.

I’ve been contemplating starting this for some time. In fact, it was on a list I compiled in the depths of writing-up-angst, of things I planned to do once I’d finished my PhD. That has been done and dusted for some time (March!) and I do like to tick boxes off lists, so voila. The Postcolonial Rabbit. (Tick!)

I’ve envisioned this as a space for my odd ramblings, in particular, about my unlikely set of interests, which include: postcolonial literature and theory (the topic of my PhD), children’s fantasy fiction, contemporary painting and drawing, all things Bengali, craft, fashion, makeup, cats, Bollywood, baking, books, and indie and pop music. But do not fear: it’ll be heavy on the light fun stuff, and light on the heavy, so please do stick around.

A little bit about me (to begin with), then. I’ve recently turned 30, I live in the Sarrf, and I’ve just completed a D. Phil. in English Literature, specialising in Bengali nationalist literature in East Pakistan/Bangladesh from 1947-1971 (so not really “English” at all – go figure). I’m about to start a postdoctoral position in October, which I’m very excited about. It’s a cool project, and I’m very happy to be part of it, but more of that later. To make up for being a ridiculous, Hermione-type swot, though, I have a deep attachment to all kinds of pop culture. Including the aforementioned Harry Potter, Girls Aloud and Bollywood films. And X-Factor. Oh yes. I also have a serious fixation on clothes, and food, both of which will feature here in ample quantities. I love to draw, cook and be creative, and my favourite thing in the world to do is spend time with my beloved friends and family. I've recently embarked on a heady Bollywood-style love affair with someone who has been a friend for many years, which is making me happier than I've ever dreamed possible.

Anyway, I hope this is going to be a gentle entertainment, a tad eccentric and occasionally stimulating. Somewhat like the teacup ride, which is the only one in theme parks I can actually go on, wuss that I am. (I also like that it features teacups, because I’m very fond of tea.) I'm also fond of nattering endlessly, as you can probably already tell!


  1. Hello hun, look forward to reading more of your posts xx

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  3. Hi Naz, i am so pleased that you've started this. You have a fantastic writing style x

  4. New to your blog! Saw you comment on Vex in the City's blog and was drawn to your blog name.

    Look forward to reading more from you.