Thursday, 14 February 2013

Songs for my unborn #1: Here Comes the Sun (Nina Simone)

Our baby is due at the end of June, a summer baby, like me, and this song has been played a lot in our house of late. I've always love Nina Simone's version of Here Comes the Sun. To me, it's more reassuring and optimistic in tone than the Beatles' original, simply because of the gentleness and warmth of Nina Simone's voice. When she near-whispers "it's all right", it's almost as though she's speaking just to you, and you believe her. I've had a tough year emotionally, and have learnt a lot about myself. The darkness descended last winter, and I feel like I'm only just emerging from the dark and the cold. I can't wait for our ray of sunshine to come into our lives - our sun.


  1. I love this song I'm a huge fan of the crazy breathless version by Richie Havens

  2. love nina simone...glad to hear you see some of the light ahead of you.

  3. I love Nina Simone. Many, many best wishes, by the way. x