Monday, 4 February 2013

A tribute to the best olives ever

Nocellara [Olive] Green

No, I'm not yet eating them with ice cream or anything so ridiculous. But I need to tell you about Nocallera del Belice olives.I am partial to a good olive, and stumbling across these stunning, bright jade green olives in Asda a while back, I've developed something of an obsession with them.

The olives are not like many you've probably tasted. They're buttery, creamy, rich, rather than bitter or aggressively piquant. They are exceedingly, exceedingly, moreish and I urge thee to get thee down to thy local Asda, Sainsbury's or Pizza Express to try some.

I can't quite capture nor describe the beautiful green colour of these olives. But they're pretty much the same shade as this dress. Which is funny, because when I showed the olives to Bartimaeus the first thing I said after breathlessly cooing about their tastiness is the fact that I'd love a dress this colour. Clearly the designers at Louche have a CCTV camera somewhere in my kitchen.

In tribute to the prettiest dress I've seen in a while, I put together this moodboard. It's such a beautiful, simple design, letting the colour speak volumes, with such a lovely neckline detail, that in contrast to my usual add-unpredictable-colour-to-the-mix approach to dressing, I've kept it very simple with tan, cream and a little pop of complementary citrus. (Olives and lemons, born to go together, by the way). That said, I can also see this dress working with magenta, violet, fuchsia...

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