Friday, 15 February 2013

Friday Frocks: 500 Days until Summer

I had to reference one of my favourite films there, sorry. It's been a gorgeously bright and sunny day here in Southampton - but frosty as hell too. But there are green shoots in my garden, daffodils on my table and that suggests to me that spring is perhaps nigh. And after spring, comes summer, no? A lot of online shops are getting their summer collections in even though it'll be months before we can wear them without being drenched/suffering hypothermia, and you know summer dresses are my absolute FAVOURITE. Even though this summer I will most be in a mumu/PJs/maxi dress and won't be sporting any of these, who am I to keep you away from all the loveliness? Let's hope it's not 500 days until we get weather warm enough to wear one, eh.

People Tree, £60

Rai of the fabulous Blarge Fargle drew my attention to this charming People Tree frock - I love the colour and the elegant cut, as well as the fact that it has bicycles on (even though, ahem, I can't ride a bike...) plus I know from my beloved Orla Kiely for People Tree teacup frock that their organic cotton is absolutely exquisite to wear, especially in summer.

Fever Designs, £75
I can never resist a rich floral on a black background - there's something so flattering and alluring about them. Especially if you're dark of hair, I think. This is courtesy of Fever, one of my favourite frockmakers, who feature twice here.

Yumi, £45

Yumi/Uttam/Mela 9whatever they are called) can also always be relied upon for a sweet little dress. This polka dot confection is no exception (I'm rhyming!) It would be just gorgeous with some red accessories.

Fever Designs, £85

And finally, a second bout of Fever. I have been on a hunt for the perfect black broderie anglaise 1950s frock for TEN years (I really have), and it's just not happened yet. Alas, this comes in navy, rose, white and this fabulous rust shade, but not black. Rust looks gorgeous with sunkissed skin though, and this would be beautiful with a cream cardigan and a burgundy or maroon beaded necklace.

Le sigh. Now, don't forget to wrap up warm when you go out...


  1. Thanks for the link :p and no worries, I can't ride a bike either! haha x

  2. Haha I <3 the reference to 500 Days of Summer :)

    Oh and there is this beautiful dress again! The floral Fever design dress is to die for! I already saw it on Chictopia the other day and I'm so in love with it, it's so perfect!

  3. That Yumi dress is gorgeous, shame they only go up to a 14 :(
    I can't ride a bike either! Wish I could though.

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  5. those dresses are gorgeous - I especially like the second fever one (I too love broiderie anglais), but I'm not sure how the rust will work with my skintone, so I'm probably going to check out the other colours too!