Saturday, 10 December 2011

Kiko Double Glam Liner 05 Swatches

I thought I'd post a comparison swatch with Undercurrent and show the purple shade in all its glory for you all. Here's the pencil(s?) itself:

The two shades you get, both equally stunning:

And a comparison of the teal shade with MAC's limited edition Pearlglide Intense liner in Undercurrent, my favourite liner of all time:

L: Undercurrent, R, Kiko
Ladies and gentlemen, we have a dupe! It's not often I say that, because I'm very finicky about colour and won't say something's a dupe if it's even a tiny bit off. But it's not! It's a dupe! Any colour differentiation you see is just shadow, they're exactly the same. This might not excite you hugely if you're a)not obsessed with the MAC liner or b)not in ok travelling distance of Stratford Westfield. But for me it's a bit of a eureka moment! £9.00 is a bit much for two small eyeliners perhaps, but the quality is excellent and I would happily pay a fair bit more to have that teal-shot-with-gold shade in my life.

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  1. I am also in love with Undercurrent! I hardly use it as I'm afraid of running out, but now that I know that a dupe exists I'll use it more often! I'll definitely pick up the Kiko dupe next time I'm in London!