Friday, 9 December 2011

Friday Frock: Teacups at the End of the Rainbow

These photographs were also taken a while ago, again, tell-tale absence of thick woolly tights - I promise I will start posting new wintry OOTDs soon, but I need to find a good location in my new house! I think we can agree from this mirror shot that this isn't it...

But, just how amazing is this Orla Kiely for People Tree dress? Green/maroon teacups on a crisp, thick cotton, 50s style with a bow at the waist, and POCKETS (which were a surprise, as they weren't even advertised on the description - why wouldn't you mention that a dress has pockets? it's a total dealmaker in my opinion).

Dress, People Tree, petticoat, Ebay, cardigan, New Look, ballet pumps, Office, earrings, Etsy.

My mind almost explodes at its perfection. I call it my "patriotic Bangladeshi teacup" dress, as the colours of the cups are so similar to the Bangladeshi flag (for this reason I wore it to see Akram Khan's Desh, I'm a bit literal with my outfits!)

Bangladesh flag!

Here it is summered up with a lovely yellow cropped cardigan, but I've worn it more recently with rust coloured tights and an oatmeal cardigan too. It reminds me of the quirky Anthropologie I used to love from afar, and this outfit reminds me a lot of some American fashion bloggers I follow.

It's for People Tree, so impeccably ethically made. And the quality and relatively affordable price has inspired me to buy their recently published book, Naked Fashion, because I'd like to know about the production chain and the process behind making ethical clothes. At this point in my life, I can't afford to shop 100% ethically, and I'm not sure if I would ever fully do so, but it's something I would like to know more about.

I accessorised this outfit with one of my favourite pairs of earrings, which I bought from Etsy a few years back. All the stones are semi-precious or precious, and just putting them on is like putting on a bit of sunshine. I'm 32 but I still love rainbows.


  1. That dress is gorgeous Naz, you know i love a print too and that one is perfection! x

  2. Hi that dress looks great on you - I have the same one, can you tell me what kind of petticoat you are wearing? Cheers!