Monday, 28 March 2011

OOTD: Riviera

I've been saving outing my River Island Paris print dress for a truly beautiful spring day, and Friday's glorious 18C sunshine was the day I had been waiting for (and more). I had some initial reservations about this dress - the boxy high sleeveless neckline, whether it was just too much volume and fabric for small stumpy me. Suffice to say, actually wearing this dress silenced all those concerns. I just love it.

I'm sure fashion magazines would insist that it is essential to pair heels (possibly "skyscraper" or "killer" varieties) with a dress like this, particularly for anyone not blessed with coltish model limbs. But despite being 5ft0 and with nothing "coltish" about me, I prefer this dress with my lovely tan leather Primark flats (£12! yes, £12!) It's simpler and fresher this way.

I actually love the neckline. It suits the dress and doesn't look as boxy as I feared. My narrow shoulders means it gapes a little and I have to pin it with a brooch, but though I originally thought I was going to get the neckline tailored into a scoop neck, it is now staying just as it is. The volume of the skirt is perfect too, and the length just right for the style. It helps to belt it if you're as small as me, though, and gives definition. Though it's months away I think I'll be wearing this for my birthday this year. I can't think of a dress coming along that'll better it. The print, colours, style, all are perfect. I'd never thought I'd say that about a dress from River Island (well not since I was 17!)

My delight in wearing this dress is patent from the photographs. I had to delete a lot of photographs because I just looked like such an irritatingly smug rabbit in them. I also indulged in a few ANTM-style jumping shots. If ever you queried why this blog's got the title it has, jumping definitely brings out the rabbit in my features! Though the weather's cooler now, I've overjoyed that spring has finally sprung.

Dress, River Island, pistachio cardigan, Topshop, brown belt, Dorothy Perkins, black tights, BHS, tan leather flats, Primark, red coral beads, holiday, heart enamel earrings, Topshop.


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  1. Awwww! I love the outfit, it's utterly gorgeous (and so are you, almost as cute as the bouncy fluffy bunny ball of fluff :D).

    I am VERY interested in those Primark flats and will be investigating shortly :)

  2. I bought those Primark flats! Although I later decided to return them in favour of some other cute tan flats with cream bows (and some tan brogues as well - they were reduced to £4 and the cream bow-ed ones were £6 so I had £2 change left over!) I now feel like I'm going to be wearing them so much that I should really go back and get the leather ones, I'm sure they'll last longer! Your outfit is beeyootiful btw, that cardi and belt are perfection with it! In fact the whole outfit reminds me of a certain Anjali I'm sure you're familiar with ;)

  3. Oh. Em. Geee. Nazneen, I have been looking forward to this post, too much. The paris dress is fabulous! And the cardi & belt compliments it beautifully xo

  4. Pretty outfit! I adore the mint cardi. :)

  5. The dress looks great :) Love the whole outfit

  6. Oh Naz its just gorgeous, i love it. You are so sweet x

  7. I love that dress! I actually scooted off to the River Island website (somewhere I never frequent!) to ogle it further! You look fab!

  8. I am also 5ft 0 and I love flats, sometimes I feel a bit small but then I remember how comfy they are and they look nice.

    lovely outfit!