Friday, 18 March 2011

NARS Lipgloss Friday: Orgasm

This is the penultimate NARS Lipgloss Friday - yup, we're coming to the end of my collection (finally!) I think this needs a lipliner or dark smokey eyes or summat to look good on me, it's a bit pale for my pigmented lips. It's a pretty peach with gold shimmer that'd look lovely most people - just not me, like this!

p.s. apologies for being quiet of late - I am having a rather hectic time of it at the moment and also have a wretched cold brought on by epic commuting...


  1. Oh no, I like your Lipgloss Fridays, are you going to move onto something else once the lipgloss has run out?! x

  2. lol you have soooo many Nars lipglosses lol I only have Orgasm

  3. I havent tried the lipgloss but tried the blush and it didnt look that great on my skin..

  4. I'm a Chapstick kind of girl - the thought of wearing lipstick kind of terrifies me, but I love that you're having so much fun experimenting and I might have to do the same!

    -Erin (

  5. your eye make-up is stunning!love the lip-gloss shade as well!
    also,get well soon!