Friday, 25 March 2011

NARS Lipgloss Friday: Turkish Delight

So we've come to the end of the NARS Lipgloss Fridays. And I do believe I've saved the best until last. Turkish Delight is Kim Kardashian's favourite gloss. I've always considered her to be on the darker end of the medium skintone spectrum but I'm obviously a lot darker, and her lips must be a lot less pigmented than mine. Because this is what it looks like on me:

Epic NARS lipgloss fail. I feel like I'm wearing the glue we used to use at primary school, which is not the greatest look. I'm not sure if this is at all salvable in any way, perhaps if I went for a fancy-dress 60s look with almost bleached lips and very dark eyes. I've tried that before though, and I'm not really a fan. Anyway, it's one I got in my Crazy Heart set, and thankfully I love the other four so much I don't mind that this one's a bit of a dud on me. It's a good illustration of how lip colours can look so very different depending on your natural lipshade. Not something every sales assistant on counters bears in mind (I have a lot of dud lipsticks that attest to that!)

I've enjoyed doing a Friday series - so am trying to think up another, though I don't have as many products of any one brand as my NARS glosses. Dear readers, are there any particular Friday feature you'd like to see?


  1. I loved the Friday Lipgloss series! I'd definitely like another, although I am not sure what (helpful). Anything from shoes or accessories or jewellery or more make-up or books or films or series (this list not being exhaustive!).

  2. I too love the lipgloss series!! How about smokey eyes series??

  3. I really like the way u put ur eye liner :D