Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Match of the Day (and OOTD)

No, not the footie programme (though I watch more of that than I should - a long brekkie with Bartimaeus on Sundays over MoTD has actually become one of my pleasures. My word, what has become of me?)  Rather, an idea Bartimaeus himself came up with, having become familiar with the acronyms NOTD and OOTD via my blog. Since I spend more time accessorising my outfits than I do putting them together, why not focus on that as a "Match of the Day," Bartimaeus opined. I think it's a brilliant idea, so here's my first go.

This is the outfit:

Black/white (almost grey) "spirograph" print dress from Oasis, leggings from Peacocks, dark green cardigan from Zara.

The print, so delicate and lovely I think!

And I wanted to go for a whimsical enchanted forest type theme, so accessorized with the following:

Unicorn necklace, Etsy.

My favourite earrings from fair trade store Aarong in Bangladesh

Somewhat battered pewter leather pumps, Office

What do you think of this new feature - like an OOTD but with extras?


  1. What a genius notion! I shall shamelessly filch it, if you and Bartimaeus don't mind...

    I love MotD and MotD2. The Boy and I always cuddle up and watch them with wine and shout abuse. It doesn't sound like a relaxing evening, but it's actually quite wonderful!

  2. Oh, and I was so taken with the genius of the idea that I forgot to mention that the outfit is gorgeous and I LOVE the unicorn.

  3. I have a tee in that print:-) love the bows on ur shoes

  4. What a fab idea! I love that necklace Naz its soo unusual xx