Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Sleek Makeup Foundation Matching Day

The day before yesterday, I had a meeting at the British Library. Most serendipitously, Sleek Makeup were holding a foundation matching challenge just over the road. So after my meeting I popped in, but not before sceptically tweeting that "even Mac have had problems matching me, so I'll post a right challenge!"

I was greeted by the lovely glam Sleek Ladies, and asked to fill in a questionaire (my mind went TOTALLY blank on favourite British musical artist and I still don't know who it is!) I was plied with gorgeous cupcakes and delicious fizz and asked to take my time picking out a shade I thought was right for me out of a wide range of pans.

I was interested to note that the Sleek Ladies observed me picking and wrote notes. I guess they were investigating how women test foundations and how long they take. And, of course, how accurately women select shades for themselves.

Because after I picked a shade (quite impulsively, and without, as I usually do, checking in outside natural light - think it was the feeling of being watched) one lovely Sleek Lady came to see how I did and to help me pick the right one. Unlike a lot of Asian girls I actually picked out a shade that was wayyy too dark for me! (I'm so used to Bengali brides looking like geishas because the foundation that's been used on them is so pale. It looks so terrible!) But it took the Sleek Lady (whose name I asked but have forgotten - I think Sasha?) picked out a shade for me in seconds - Mocha. It blended in completely and I was really impressed with the colour match - usually shades are always a tiny bit yellow or orange, never quite right. But this was invisible, totally.

And it wasn't because they hadn't applied much. The cream-to-powder texture was a bit heavy in fact - I could feel it on my skin but I never wear foundation so that might just be me. Anyhow, I was heartened to find out that all the colours would be available in two finishes, the cream to powder compact, and a liquid in a pump bottle, which I guess will be lighter (I hope so!) Both will retail at the completely bargainous £6.99 but won't be out until the end of the year. I'll definitely be getting my bunny paws on the liquid version!

We were treated to goodie bags for taking part - I'm chuffed to add the Curious and Acid palettes and 2 eye dusts to my growing Sleek collection (next on list - the berry toned Pout Polish, I adore my pink one!)

Thank you Sleek for a fun event, lovely goodies, and making products us darker skinned girls have been crying out for on the high street!


  1. Ohhh lovely, i actually really like Sleek products. They are such good value xx

  2. Oh i am so gutted i didn't make it! I meant to go but then my girlfriend had the day off and i didn't want to go out when i could spend time with her... now i might regret it XD
    I'm so impressed that they are going to have over 30 foundation shades, especially as they're a high street brand and so affordable. I just hope they now do have one that will match my super pale super pink skin :P
    And also i know what you mean about the Bengali brides. I watched a program where an Asian woman (can't remember who it was, some celebrity or personality) was investigating why Asian women often want lighter skin and went to see a woman getting her bridal makeup done. It was awful! The foundation was about 10 times to light for her and she ended up looking like she was wearing a mask or made of wax or something.

  3. i always have this problem with foundation..i always seem to pick up the wrong always..and you know wrong shade obviously looks much so that now i feel it is safer to not use foundation than use the wrong one..i stick to just blush on now :)

  4. Thanks for the ID..updated the post:-)