Saturday, 24 July 2010

Putting the "Rabbit" into "Postcolonial Rabbit"

My affinity with rabbits is difficult to explain. As pets, I prefer cats. When I did the "what's your daemon quiz" when The Golden Compass film came out (sadly no longer working) I was informed it is in fact a very cool ocelot.

But my best friend and I have a theory that predates His Dark Materials (but not, erm, The Power Rangers) that everyone has a power animal, one that they embody in a combination of physical attributes and behaviour. According to my nearest and dearest, there is something quite rabbit-y about me. I have lines on my nose because I tend to scrunch it a lot and my front teeth are quite pronounced. I guess my approach to life is to "hop" through it: taking each obstacle at a time, always with an eye (ear?) to the whimsical and the silly. And I do like to talk, a lot, about everything and anything.

As a result, I am (rather narcissistically) attracted to anything that bears a rabbit print, particularly if it's a little whimsical in nature. I have one rabbit printed dress in my possession, which is really the most "me" dress I own, given it is empire-line, purple and teal, and a bit quirky, courtesy of Orion (oh how I wish I'd bought the black/cream/burgundy version now). Here is an old picture of me in it (it only gets an airing once in a while as it is so loved):

Anyway, the influence of Miu Miu's wonderful wonderful SS10 collection has meant a whole bunch of cute quirky prints have been appearing on the high street. Some of which feature rabbits! Hooray! So I did a Polyvore montage featuring some of them. I would dearly love to own the KG heels, but alas, the price plus general impracticality of them mean that it will remain an unrequited passion. Not as sure that will be the case with the black dress and the scarf though...


  1. That is a beautiful dress! The print is so cute. And i love the polyvore set, those shoes are to die for!

  2. Your dress is lovely Naz, wear it more!!! x

  3. OMG I want that rabbit dress.


  4. The shoes are excellent and I have put the cushion on my wish list - fab!! x

    The doll on fashion

  5. hey just stumbled upon your blog..wanted to say that you have a great blog and a pretty interesting name your sets too :)

    keep blogging and let the good stuff roll in :)